Buying – General Guidelines

The following points are designed to give you an idea of the requirements which the QVC Buying department places on its existing and new partners, what properties a successful QVC product has and what product categories QVC is not interested in.

What are the general requirements which QVC places on its partners/suppliers?

  • It is beneficial if our partners have selling experience on the German market or should already be acting as suppliers to the German market.
  • Experience in mail-order business is advantageous.
  • QVC partners should be in a position to deliver very small quantities to QVC as well as to handle orders for very large quantities, never failing to meet quality standards or deadlines. For details e.g. concerning delivery and packaging please go to Logistic Requirements.
  • Ideally, QVC partners will already have their own designers or design departments.
  • For quality assurance purposes and in order to ensure orders are fulfilled on time, QVC is looking for partners who preferably have their own production facilities or have many years of experience in working with industrial partners. For details please go to Quality Requirements.
  • In order to successfully handle the on air products, QVC expects its partners to offer support in preparing presentations. It is normal practice for the partner to provide a gproduct expert of his own choosing to ensure optimum presentation of the product (this does not apply if the QVC partner’s products are brought on air with a QVC proprietary brand), to provide him with all necessary information about the product and to support actively on air communication by means of additional sales promotion features (e.g. show material, decoration etc. …).
  • Depending on the product/product category on offer, all statements regarding the product’s capability must be backed up by tests performed by independent test institutes.
  • When submitting the offer, the QVC partner must provide valid certificates and confirmations (e.g. TÜV, CE/GS, WEEE, ÖKOTEX etc. …) as proof that statutory requirements and regulations are met.
  • More information is available in FAQs.

What products is QVC interested in?
Go to menu item QVC Product Categories in order to view our current product categories.The 10 rules for a product are designed to give you an insight into the factors that ensure the success of QVC products.

What products/product categories does QVC not sell?

  • Fur products from (special) animal breeding
  • Tobacco products and accessories
  • Weapons or products associated with them
  • Animals
  • Erotic articles
  • Gambling games or lottery tickets
  • Telephone numbers of services for which a fee is charged (0900, 01805 etc …)
  • Products which contain direct statements and references to religions or belief systems
  • Products and services which are out of keeping with generally accepted moral standards and values