What sort of products is QVC looking for?
We put together a wide-ranging product assortment for our customers. We therefore look for unique, quality products which can be presented effectively on screen. Our product assortment is made up of different categories – you will find more details in Buying departments. Our 10 rules for a product will give you an idea of what criteria are important for us and our customers in selecting a product.

How do I get a product into the QVC product assortment?
First of all, submit a written application to QVC. Please use our contact and application form for this purpose. We will generally decide within two to three weeks whether your product suits our product assortment. You can find further details in 10 steps to go on air.

What criteria must the sample products meet?
Please note the following: do not, under any circumstances, send us sample products unless requested to do so! For quality assurance purposes, you must provide the product in the original packaging, with an English operating manual, all necessary certificates and without advertising supplements WITHOUT AND INVOICE and CARRIAGE PAID. Furthermore in some categories we require additional product specific information to be included. For some product groups, we have prepared checklists which take the unique features of the products into consideration. For more details, please go to Quality requirements.

Is there a guaranteed minimum quantity of a product which QVC accepts?
No, the quantities are negotiated individually.

In what form must products be delivered to QVC?
All products must be packaged individually in the QVC distribution centre and labelled with the QVC article number in accordance with the Logistic requirements prior to delivery.

What products does QVC not accept?

  • Fur products from (special) animal breeding
  • Tobacco products and accessories
  • Weapons or products associated with them
  • Animals
  • Erotic articles
  • Gambling games or lottery tickets
  • Telephone numbers of services for which a fee is charged (0900, 01805 etc …)
  • Products which contain direct statements and references to religions or belief systems
  • Products and services which are out of keeping with generally accepted moral standards and values

Does QVC sell publicity airtime?
No, QVC does not sell any publicity airtime at all. We design our own program schedule and decide which products suit our programs.

Who can be a QVC customer?
Anyone! We have customers in Germany and Austria. They come from all parts of the country and represent all age groups. In keeping with the general trend in mail order business, our number of female customers is significantly higher. However, this does vary by product area.

How long will I have to wait before finding out if my product has been accepted?
In general, we will let you know whether we are interested in your product or not within two to three weeks of receiving your written request, provided that the information sent to us is complete.

What information does QVC required from me?
A detailed list of the required information is available in our contact and application form.

Where can I register?
Please fill in the Contact and application form and mail it to us with a picture of the article, or else contact our Vendor Alliances Team.